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Whether it is to create that outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Or simply a spring clean-up or a few amendments to your garden. We cater to all scales and budgets. Providing the answers you need.



Clean Ups

Attention to Detail

We clean, clear, shape, plant anew, and excavate unwanted plants.
Spring cleanups and overrun neglected gardens.


Meticulous and Comprehensive

We offer advice and carry out work riping out, altering, and rebuilding gardens.
With the experience to effectively cater to all budgets.


Explore your options

We will advice on styles with benefits and drawbacks of each.

We will help you understand what is in your best interest Across a variety of styles and privacy solutions.

Regardless of your choices 

When you work with us, you can expect exceptional work.

Garden Design

Meticulous and Comprehensive

We also offer an interactive Service  
Where we create designs for gardens.
This can be given with or without a site visit.
for larger-scale alterations.
please get in contact to request a design 
and check  our avilablity.

Designed Backyard

We Deliver

Landscape Architecture

Reviews & Feedback

A Reputation You Can Rely On


Feiroze is a great person. You make an agreement with him and he does what one doesn't actually expect, he turns up, on time, on the right day, with the right stuff and ACTUALLY does what he said he will do. So very different and refreshing.

He has done a few days for me and works hard and has made a great difference. Our garden looks a lot better and tidier and with the planting, over the next year or two should continue to improve. Thoroughly recommend him.

David SilverFish

Feiroze is clearly used to awkward spaces, ours is a classic Richmond townhouse with no access to the rear, except via two flights of stairs.

It wasn't an issue with Feiroze,6 pallets of materials, innumerable bags, and one very nice patio at the end.

all done without delay.

all in all, we were quite  impressed 

definitely recommend 

Clair Adelson

Feiroze looked very smart from the beginning and incredibly professional throughout.

He added to our ideas for the garden

things we couldn't have thought of in 100 years, draw the design, brought his workers, and managed everything for us.

 There isn't a problem he can't workaround. Very happy with him and his employee's work ethic and service throughout.

Kris Michaels


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